USA and International Headquarters

The headquarters for ITM USA in Weatherford, Texas. The purpose of ITM USA is to "teach people to reach people" for Jesus Christ. We provide curriculum, structure, and training on how to focus believers to be "the church" who reaches the largest percentage of their communities for Him. That is the goal and vision of ITM.

In January 1990, after a large evangelistic meeting in Texas, we were challenged to go to Europe and help pastors, denominations, and unions to organize the small group "All Age Bible Study" ministry. It was to teach them to build His church on the command of God's Word and to claim His promises that He will do it. And that is only if we are willing to trust Him and take the small group Bible Study ministry to the people, and not ring the bell and ask them to come.

This ministry effort is called "The Jesus Model" of organizing small groups of 12-15 people to study the Bible, and then organize with-in that group to form discipleship groups of 3-5 people to be accountable for ministry that Jesus did!

The international headquarters of ITM is located in Budapest, Hungary. The offices, training center, and seminary were the initial effort of the ITM Board so to begin teaching and training leaders from the many countries in Europe. What happened next was not planned.

In 2005, the pastors in Europe began to accept the challenge to go to Africa, Russia, and Asia with "The Jesus Model". Using what they had learned to make a difference in those countries with partnerships like what Europe had experienced. Now they are joining the many ministries in the USA to help the many countries of Africa and India. To God Be The Glory!

Our work around the world

International Teaching Ministry works with 11 different denominations in the USA in the areas of training in regional conferences, state conventions, consulting individual churches, and assisting spiritual leaders and pastors to re-evaluate the focus of their churches in the area of All Age Bible Study or what many call Sunday School.

ITM has the opportunity to train Bible Study leaders on how to teach, how to organize, how to best structure each small group to grow and multiply their classes. Consulting in the areas of church growth, ministry analysis, and best use of present just a little of what we do here in the USA.

Work in the Baltimore/Maryland states has been a successful effort of ITM. Believers in this area of the USA are serious and aggressive in their efforts to reach the lost and teach believers God's Word. Also the discipleship ministry through Equipping the Saints Ministry is a blessing to behold as more small groups, "D" Groups, (Discipleship Groups) are starting to take hold.

ITM got its start in Europe, when it's leaders traveled to Romania, Poland, and Hungary in early 1990s'. The ITM International Headquarters was established in 1995 in Budapest, Hungary under the direction of Laszlo Garszenyi. We set up our ITM offices, a seminary, and training headquarters that help to train leaders from all over Eastern Europe.

The Russian work was established in Moscow, Russia, and Minsk, Belalrus. It was under the direction of Russian Evangelical Union President Nikolai Sinkovets, Secretary Alexander I. Firisiuk, and Senior Vice-President, Victor N. Krutko. For years our office was in Minsk, Belarus, and now is back in Moscow.

Our brother, Nikolai Sinkovets was not only the REU president, but was the Belarusian Baptist Union president, and served as a part of our ministry since 2000. He pastors and teaches at the small Bible Institute we help to start in 2002. We have partnerships with: Baptist, Pentecostal, Independents, Charismatic, & Evangelical Free Churches. All voted to unanimously participate in promoting and using the Russian All Age Bible Study curriculum.

I first must admit to you that on my first trip to India, I realized how little I knew about the country. One point two billion people are in India, 2nd only to China. (1.7 Billion) The streets are packed with people, mopeds, rickshaws, and bicycles.

Education is like gold to the people of India. We found them so hungry to learn and teach God's Word. They place great value on curriculum, learning, and being taught the spiritual insight of God's Word. They learn quickly, retained the material, and applied the teachings so quickly to their culture. It is a great joy to be teaching and discipling in India.

Discipleship through Equipping the Saints has been the most successful partnership we have had with any country. Training over 100,000 pastors, in 11 dialects, since 2000, has been the greatest single initiative of our discipleship efforts since our existence as an international ministry.

ITM has its greatest challenge working in Asia. Most of our work has been through training missionaries and helping to train leaders, because the vast language barriers are greater than in all of Asia. It is without a doubt a huge mass of people to work with and each country speaks a language that is not English. It stretches from Europe to the borders of India and then to the far regions of Saudi Arabia, the shores of the Republic of China.

Missionaries declare to us how rare it is to find "tools for ministry" in Asia. The organizations who send them do not have the curriculum or bibles translated into the countries languages where they serve. ITM works with the local national languages to translate the material within the country to deal with dialects and culturization of the materials. USA churches and individuals give "seed money" to print the first materials and then they use the proceeds of that funds to print additional materials as needed.

Our newest partnership is in the Himalayas, with a leader from the Bhutan area of the mountains. We are presently establishing a training center for launching new church starts for all areas of the Himalayas. That ministry already trains individuals and couples to go and start house churches in all areas of Mt. Everest. Great resistance occurs in the Nepal area by the Hindus.

ITM got it's start in the heart of Mexico. It was along the shores of Lake Baccarac, Mexico where we started churches to serve the lake and local community. Leaders from the city of Los Mochis, which is in the state of Sinaloa, were our first contacts. Only 6 percent of the indigenous speak Spanish, there were 68 distinct languages in the country of Mexico. Of the 31 states and one federal districts that make up Mexico, we find that bringing English speaking materials has been greatly accepted among the different states. Even the "out of date" materials that many churches take into Mexico for us, have been appreciated by the nationals.

The greatest need would be to find English speaking missionaries in the different far reaching areas of Mexico, who speak the language of their state to best serve the evangelical needs of that area. We are finding great need for training and discipling them so they may duplicate "The Jesus Model" of disciple making.