International Teaching Ministry, Inc. (ITM) started in 1990 when we traveled to Hungary, Romania, and Poland with a brother in Christ. We were asked to go and see what we could do to help the people in the area of growing their churches; starting new churches; the need for Bible Study classes and materials; and to visit and speak with the pastors about the need for training. The theme of our mission trip was we, (ITM), are going to Eastern Europe to "teach to reach!"

After two weeks in the three countries, God showed us the vision for ITM. We have been faithful with what He has given us and we are thankful today for five publishing houses, 11 different seminary (bible institutes), and for different curriculum for training pastors; starting churches; and All Age Bible Study material for five age groups in many different languages.

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

Our international headquarters is in Budapest, Hungary, where we have our international offices, a mission house, and a seminary. God has truly blessed this ministry and we pray for continued favor as we see where He is working and choose to get involved.

To fulfill the Great Commission. Matthew 28:20 "...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Empowering others to seek after God with all their heart, soul and mind, so as to REACH people for Christ, BUILD them up Spiritually, and SEND them outside the walls of the church building into your community, city, association, nation, and the world. All so they might have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To continue to go nations where there is no help for the pastors and lay leadership. To help them to learn, remember, and change their thinking according to the Bible. To accept the challenge of the Great Commission and to do the Great Commandment, Mark 12:29-31. We have a a vision to seek and save the lost. It is a love for sinners, even when they don't love you. This love helps us to fulfill our vision: to REACH people with the Gospel, and our priority to TEACH them God's Word.

  • Help all believers to know that they are ministers.
  • All believers are the church...you are the church!
  • Teach Evangelism and Discipleship! You cannot separate the two, because it is about church health, not church growth. A church that grows and know its purpose...the strategy will grow and be a healthy church.
  • Teach that fellowship is a beginning point. You must help new members and new believers to understand they need to become a part of the church family.
  • Each believer needs to grow spiritually. Each believer has a spiritual gift and needs to serve according to their spiritual giftedness. (Remember, you are a minister, you are the church!)
  • We are to all be missionaries and to reach and minister to people
  • We must all be Holy Spirit led in ALL that we do.
  • To start talking about Church Health NOT church Growth.
  • Understand it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.


    Supporting pastors in foreign nations has been a part of ITM since 1990. WE found pastors who were pastoring up to 19 churches, riding bicycles, taking trains, working in prisons, walking literally 100 kilometers in a week, to preach and teach God's Word. This motivated us to come back to the USA and raise support for these pastors. Caution: But we found that any support which lasted over a year, became an enabling of the pastors, and did not teach them the importance of teaching the people to tithe, (give a portion of what they made, earned, or had) to the Lord. We need people who will give $50 a month to support pastors overseas in countries where poverty is ramped. We give $45 to the pastor and $5 to the national denomination to monitor and support the pastor with leadership and training. Each year you will receive a new name, picture, and description of the work of a pastor that you can support.


    Each country requires a commitment by ITM to translate the Bible Study material into language of the greatest number of people in that country. If another group comes along and begins translating and selling at the same price we do, then we move on to another country. We also commit to try and provide leadership training material that is sufficient to help pastors and lay leaders receive sufficient training to keep the AABS (All Age Bible Study) effort supported. Curriculum for up to five different age groups is translated in many of the countries. Adults, youth, children, preschool and sometimes single or senior adults are translated as well. Applying God's Word is very important when writing a lesson plan or study. The cost of curriculum and translation is continual. To support the curriculum and translation requires 25 people giving $50 per month, from the USA, to support this area of ministry in each country.


    God's Word is the basis for all we do. Each country that we have been in, to date, have a translation of the Bible. But providing translations that are understood and also available for each person at a cost they can afford, is the focus of this ministry effort. For instance in Hungary, the translation was so intellectually translated, that many of the locals could not even read it, much less understand it. Then some new Bible translations cost $40-$60 for each Bible. So our new translation are more of a readers version and very understandable, and because we now can print within many of the countries, the Bibles are available and can be purchased as a love gift for the countries. Your gift of $10 pays fort the translation, printing, and distribution of the Bible to the nationals.

    100% of your gift goes directly to the ministry effort you choose

    No administrative cost is taken from your donation