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Our focus is to honor God, share Jesus, and serve people.

Roger McCasland, President

Welcome to International Teaching Ministry

Words from Roger D. McCasland, President

We want to welcome you to a ministry based on teaching God’s Word. We want you to feel free to print and use any materials you find on this website.

It is our goal to provide individual believers, conventions, denominations, pastors, educators, associations, and entire countries with “tools” for them to study, learn, and grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

From the first missionaries we met in 1990 on a trip to Romania, Russia, Poland and Hungary, who said to us over and over again, “We have no tools to train and help our national people study God’s Word. They have no training and are hungry to study the Bible and need any spiritual helps that you can provide. Our pastors are unlearned and need assistance to guide our church families.” Then to our first encounter with a pastor who was leading 19 churches in his area of the country and had the only Bible in many of his churches. These are the people we serve! We have seen God make an eternal difference in literally thousands of people lives….To Him be the Glory!

Spiritual Discipline

A Weekly Bible Study

Easter is a wonderful day to shout "He's Alive". It is not a lot different from the day when the crowd gathered for Jesus' trip to Jerusalem. It was just days before he was crucified, buried, and rose again. We can not only declare "Hosanna", but that "He is Alive", for we know the risen King. But that was not the case in the text. John 12:12-13 The crowd waved their palm leaves and stood in history as "The Holy Week", a week when they ushered Jesus into Jerusalem saying "Hosanna". Just days later, they shouted "Crucify Him!"

I'm not sure if you've been in another country, or seen how crowds can gather quickly to declare a protest, or produce a "Human Wall" to stand for something they feel very strongly about. I have never been in that kind of situation as a participant, but I have seen in person what kind of price it cost some to say, "I have been treated unfair", or, "No, my government is unfit to lead...

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Servant of All

Life Stories in Our Ministries

The Servant of All award for 2013 is an easy one for the leaders of International Teaching Ministry, Inc. The recipient is a faithful servant to ITM since the early '90s. He is Adrian Giorgiov, a man who has helped to establish ITM in Eastern Europe and now parts of Africa. He has been employed by ITM for over 20 plus years and is considered as the ITM European contact since graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2002.

Adrian is the director of the ITM Publishing House and president of ITM Romania Humanitarian Foundation, founder and coordinator of the ITM Pro Africa ministry.

As a young man, Adrian felt called to full-time ministry, but he made the final decision only several years later, at the age of 28. Until then, he served in the church as a layperson, singing and playing music, leading the Sunday...

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